Transdisciplinary 5D model of development

A big part of my job involves talking with people. I quite like talking to big groups and design studio is fine, but networking events scare the hell out of me.

Today the Morphogenetic Prototyping Lab has had its first research poster accepted at the ANZSCDB meeting in Adelaide. A new friend who I hope to be collaborating with more in the future described it as ‘science-science’. Its a really important part of this research that it is grounded in both design and science so it was really exciting to talk with people today despite the nerves . . .


5th Adelaide Cell and Developmental Biology Meeting

In the end the disciplinary differences between science and design are more subtle than I expected, for instance knowing the order to put the authors in. Unlike humanities in science the first author goes at the end . . . whoops. Apart from that the basics about presentation are the same. I was really interested to see that even the most complicated presentations were possible to understand from a lay perspective if the presenter could carry the narrative about their work. I’m looking forward to next year and I’m really excited about the research and the potential of the Lab and the 5D transdisciplinary ontogenetical model.


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