Agile X


the purpose of Agile X systems is not to promote a disregard for material choices and their tectonic implications but to avoid designing systems that lock us into discrete material and construction systems too early in the architectural process.

Agile X Delft 2015

Directors : Tim McGinley | Matt Murphy | Brett Abroe

Associates : Nimish Biloria | Qiang Sheng | Sinan Yuan | David Kroll

Researchers: Tessa Sare | Adam Jack

Workshops :

Agile Fab NL, Hyperbody Research Group, TU Delft, September 2015

Agile Design AU, Adelaide, February 2016

Agile Fab AU, Adelaide, April 2016

Agile X China, Tianjin / Beijing, January 2017


The Future of Open Building Conference 2015, ETH Zurich, September 2015

JPE Design Studio, Adelaide, November 2015

Woods Bagot, Adelaide, December 2015

JPE Design Studio, Adelaide, February 2016


McGinley, T. (2015) An Architecture Framework for Open Buildings, The Future of Open Building Conference, ETH Zurich. Forthcoming

McGinley, T.(2015) JunkUp: Mapping occupant behaviour in BIM , Unmaking Waste Conference 2015, Adelaide, South Australia, Full text link